I had seen pictures and videos of trans guys before, and I was always a little surprised how much I loved it. There is something special about the hot FTM guys I was seeing on JockPussy.com. Seeing a trans guy get fucked got me very curious and excited, and eventually I wanted to date a trans guy. I asked polyamorous Ari on a date, and the rest is history. MyFTMCrush features the hottest trans guys out there going on dates with guys like me! I love seeing their masculine, sexy bodies as well getting to know them on a more intimate level.

Story Update!

Ari is self-confessed romantic in addition to being a total horn-dog. He's also polyamorous. As much as he loves sucking cock and getting his bonus-hole pounded, he knows there is nothing hotter than a passionate, emotional connection. He loves the feeling of butterflies in the stomach and a new crush. Luckily, his adorable smile, clever wit, love of baking and sci-fi make him a bit of a catch.

He's getting a lot of attention as guys see what he's capable of in the bedroom on jockpussy.com, but he's more than just a tight, athletic body and a round ass. He's eager to open up to someone...[Read more]

Sean licks his fingers as he teases Ari’s clit. The tattooed bodybuilder loves how his cock feels up against Ari’s wet pussy, horned up

Sherman is no stranger to a hookup app. He travels quite a bit and loves playing around with the sexy guys of whatever city he’s in....[more]

Ryan is a furry, tall, carefree artist type. He loves trying new things and expressing himself through different creatives means. Ari can...[more]

Sherman wraps an arm around Ari as they passionately make out. He can feel his new friend’s hand pawing at his cock as it grows inside his...[more]

Riley is a cute, sporty jock with an amazing body and an incredible boyish smile. Still, he’s a little nervous about his first time meeting...[more]

Ryan lifts Ari’s head to meet his, brushing his mustache on his lip before pressing in for a kiss. Ari lifts himself up to kiss him back,...[more]

Sherman and Ari love making out. The way their tongues dance around each other is enough to get their hearts racing and dicks hard.

Ari can barely handle the all testosterone he’s got in his bed! Sean is a sexy, muscle-bound porn star who can make any boy cry “Daddy!”

Ari and Riley love kissing! When they're stripped down and pressing against each other, you can see that that kissing and touching

Ari grinds his crotch on Ryan’s hand as his pussy is fingered and manipulated by the tall hipster. He holds on to him tightly, not wanted

Spencer and Luke have known each other for awhile and have become very good friends. Meeting up for their date, they talk

Sean’s massive arms stretch around Ari’s body, pulling him in close as they make out and grind up against each other.