RILEY & ARI - A Deeper Connection


A Deeper Connection

Riley and Ari share a lot in common. They’re both laid back, creative guys, who enjoy a little physical fun. Their dates often start with fun flirtation and conversation, but neither one can resist the other’s boyish good looks. Riley loves the feeling of his hard cock up against Ari’s clit, feeling his pussy get wetter and warmer as they kiss. Their hands paw at one another, loving every inch of their fit bodies and playful personalities.

Ari is quick to take Riley’s cock in his mouth, feeling it slide along his tongue and between his lips as it pulses with heat and passion. Riley rests his hand gently on Ari’s shoulder, stroking the back of his neck as he sees the cute boy’s eyes peak up at him from behind his glasses. Ari reveals an adorable smile, seeing that Riley catches his glance back. The feeling is hot and intense, but not without its lighthearted sense of play.

Riley could have his dick sucked all night, but he doesn’t want to deny himself the taste of Ari’s pussy. He lies on his back, stroking his big meat furiously as Ari sits on his face, planting his dick squarely in his lover’s mouth. Ari moans as his tongue laps over him again and again, hitting every secret spot of his pleasure. He holds onto Riley’s chest, teasing his furry pecs and nipples while also keeping himself from falling over with orgasmic delight.

It’s not long before Ari is begging to feel Riley’s cock deep inside him. Their connection never feels more right than when Riley’s balls are smacking up against the lips of Ari’s pussy, feeling them swallow up the scruffy boy’s shaft as he pounds it passionately and intimately.

There’s no question the two have feelings for each other. Their bodies work in perfect sync, giving and receiving, opening and delivering, creating a magical friction that sparks their sexuality. As Riley comes close to feeling his nuts bursting with Ari’s hole, they lock eyes, keenly aware of their friendship and bond. And it’s on the echoed chorus of moans and pants and breaths that Riley lets himself go and unloads inside Ari’s hot pussy.