Ari is self-confessed romantic in addition to being a total horn-dog. He's also polyamorous. As much as he loves sucking cock and getting his bonus-hole pounded, he knows there is nothing hotter than a passionate, emotional connection. He loves the feeling of butterflies in the stomach and a new crush. Luckily, his adorable smile, clever wit, love of baking and sci-fi make him a bit of a catch.

He's getting a lot of attention as guys see what he's capable of in the bedroom on, but he's more than just a tight, athletic body and a round ass. He's eager to open up to someone...[Read more]

Luke has always been a bit of an adventurer. Ever since he was a kid in Kansas, he's been on a journey of growth, exploration, and discovery. He loves to try new things, challenge himself, and meet people who share his passion for life.

You may have seen him on, but he's more than just a horny guy with a vagina. He's a guy who’s looking to find a strong, intimate connection with someone special. He loves hot sex, passionate kissing, and fucking for hours on end, but nothing makes it better than a good snuggle after.