Riley is a classic, handsome stud. Square jaw, dimples, dark features, and a six-pack you can do laundry on. He's used to being the object of attention, sought after for his big cock and fitness-model physique.

But when Riley saw Ari, he became smitten. He has a thing for boy-next-door types and bookworms, making Ari the perfect guy. He's never been with a trans man before, but he's excited to have his first steamy experience! He's the proud papa to a pitbull mix, loves to binge-watch sitcoms, and horny as hell![Read more]

Ryan is a collector of unique tattoos and fun, sexual experiences. He loves being able to cross things off his, as he calls it, "Fucket List." He's got an energy and enthusiasm that's contagious, making everyone around him cheer up and want to know more about him.

And with his bushy beard, he has the look of a lean, friendly teddy bear! He loves body contact, kissing, and finding out what makes his partners tick. As a gregarious, generous lover, nothing is hotter to him than seeing someone moan and climax as he brings them to orgasm.[Read more]

Not a whole lot gets under Sherman's skin. He's got a relaxed, care-free personality that suits his sultry, bedroom eyes and soft, seductive lips. He fancies himself a bit of an adventurer, excited to try new things, explore new music and food, and meet people from all different backgrounds. It makes sense then that he found himself in the ultimate melting pot, New York City, and he's dived in head first!

He loves riding his bike around the city and going to bars with friends, but one of his true passions is sensual discovery of a new sex partner. He unapologetically loves sex and is always ready for a roll in the hay....[Read more]