Ryan Powers

Ryan Powers

Ryan is a collector of unique tattoos and fun, sexual experiences. He loves being able to cross things off his, as he calls it, "Fucket List." He's got an energy and enthusiasm that's contagious, making everyone around him cheer up and want to know more about him.

And with his bushy beard, he has the look of a lean, friendly teddy bear! He loves body contact, kissing, and finding out what makes his partners tick. As a gregarious, generous lover, nothing is hotter to him than seeing someone moan and climax as he brings them to orgasm.

Ryan is a furry, tall, carefree artist type. He loves trying new things and expressing himself through different creatives means. Ari can...[more]

Ryan lifts Ari’s head to meet his, brushing his mustache on his lip before pressing in for a kiss. Ari lifts himself up to kiss him back,...[more]

Ari grinds his crotch on Ryan’s hand as his pussy is fingered and manipulated by the tall hipster. He holds on to him tightly, not wanted