RYAN & ARI - Magic Touch


Magic Touch

Ryan is a furry, tall, carefree artist type. He loves trying new things and expressing himself through different creatives means. Ari can wholeheartedly relate. As soon as they got to talking, they realized they had much more in common than simply loving to fuck.

Their connection is immediate as the begin to caress each other’s bodies, exploring their tattoos and learning what each one means. Surprisingly, as much as Ryan is a fan of fantasy and horror, he’s still new to so many iconic films and books. Ari can’t believe he’s never seen them, but is excited for the journey he’s on once he does. After nerding out for a while on literature and music, they can’t help but go in for an intimate, extended kiss.

Ari and Ryan sweetly make out as they continue to steal playful touches. Ari is so taken with Ryan’s energy that he immediately goes for his bulging crotch, pulling out his big, hairy cock. The tall man is happy to share his dick with his new friend, watching with delight as Ari takes him down to the back of his throat. Ari looks up eagerly to see Ryan smiling through his blond whiskers.

Ryan then kneels to give Ari a kiss on his groin, feeling his pierced dick brush against his beard. He sucks on it passionately, getting it good and hard before taking a special vibrator to his pussy. Ari leans back on the bed, legs spread wide, letting the hipster wizard work his magic wand on sweet spot. Ryan may not be as knowledgeable about hobbits or orcs, but he casts quite the spell on Ari’s loins, sending him over the edge and cumming hard from his expert hands!