RYAN & ARI - Good Bedfellows


Good Bedfellows

Ryan lifts Ari’s head to meet his, brushing his mustache on his lip before pressing in for a kiss. Ari lifts himself up to kiss him back, desperate for more of the tattooed man’s passionate embrace. They press their bodies against each other, feeling more and more connected as their colorful tattoos and furry bodies make contact, exciting their flesh and fantasies.

Ryan extends his long arm back behind Ari, sliding a hand under the waistband of his underwear to feel his soft ass. Meanwhile, he’s also slid in the front side to massage his hot, wet pussy. Ari can feel Ryan’s cock grinding against his torso, leading him to fall to his knees to take it in his mouth.

Ari braces his jaw open as Ryan begins to thrust into his face. The hairy artist moves his hips like a piston, fucking his partner’s mouth with energy and vigor. Ryan stands tall over him, watching Ari eagerly take it all, looking up at his sexy giant.

Back on the bed, Ryan makes out with Ari’s pussy, watching as Ari’s dick gets harder and his eyes roll back in his head with each pleasurable lap of his tongue. The bespectacled boy is primed and ready for Ryan’s big, raw cock!

Ari lies on his back, leg lifted up as Ryan penetrates his tight body with his massive man meat. He works his muscles around his cock, milking the shaft as he endures the amazing, powerful fuck the tattooed man dishes out. Ryan holds Ari in place as his balls quake and fill with his hot seed, preparing to pour out into Ari’s wet pussy!