SEAN & ARI - Creamy Shower


Creamy Shower

Sean licks his fingers as he teases Ari’s clit. The tattooed bodybuilder loves how his cock feels up against Ari’s wet pussy, horned up and ready to slide it back inside. As they press their bodies together and make out, they find it harder and harder to not fuck!

Ari gets down on his knees and takes Sean’s cock in his mouth, feeling its size and girth push apart his lips as it fills his face. Ari strokes him up and down, getting him wet and wild as Sean leans back and watches with delight. He loves seeing his cute partner worshipping his cock and satisfying him so thoroughly. As he sees his face move up and down, he can’t stop thinking about how his meat will look in his tight, wet pussy.

Sean gets Ari on the bed and spreads his legs wide apart to bury his tongue between his pussy. Lapping at his piercing like he’s ringing a dinner bell, Sean devours his crotch, feeling Ari’s clit grow harder and more sensitive with each lick. Ari moans in pleasure, desperate for Sean to go deeper and faster. He sees the steel eyes of his lover making him melt, but knows that he won’t be satiated until he feels his thick inches inside his hole.

Sean sees the hunger in Ari’s eyes and turns him over on all fours, positioning himself behind him and aggressively shoving his cock deep in Ari’s cunt. The trans boy rocks back and forth on Sean’s member, feeling it slide completely inside his pussy and filling up his pelvis. Ari’s smaller, slight frame is shaken all over as Sean’s alpha stud fucking accelerates...

Soon, Ari is screaming for more as Sean drills deeper and faster; dicking him hard and raw as he prepares to unload his seed into Ari’s pussy!