SEAN & ARI - A Perfect Fit


A Perfect Fit

Sean’s massive arms stretch around Ari’s body, pulling him in close as they make out and grind up against each other. Ari’s boyish smile breaks through their locked lips, unable to contain his excitement at having the sexy muscle man in his room. Sean’s fingers caress Ari’s soft body, as he feels his cock press up to his swollen clit.

Ari takes Sean’s shaft in his mouth, bobbing his head up and down as he stretches out his broad chest. He’s enamored with the cute, bespeckled boy, impressed with how expertly he works his cock with his tongue. Ari looks back at Sean, catching his eye as he laps at his nuts. Sean shoots him a playful smile, knowing those balls are full of cum for his sexy, trans lover.

Sean dips down to show Ari some love, lapping at his pussy and teasing his piercing, sucking on it ravenously as if it could nourish him completely. His lips press and pucker, kissing Ari again and again, tasting his hot hole and readying it for a hot fuck. Ari moans with pleasure, teasing his nipples as wave after wave of sensation crashes over him.

Their connection becomes totally carnal as Sean bends the boy over the bed and presses his cock between his pussy lips. He slides in smoothly, feeling the warm, velvety embrace of Ari’s tight hole along each exquisite inch. Ari’s insides shift and move as Sean fucks him deeper and harder, taking him balls deep with absolutely delight!

The raw cock makes Ari’s heart pound, filling him with excitement and passion as Sean leans in to kiss up his neck. The tatted muscle top clearly knows how to pound and breed, and Ari enjoys every second of his special skills…