SHERMAN & ARI - Going All The Way


Going All The Way

Sherman wraps an arm around Ari as they passionately make out. He can feel his new friend’s hand pawing at his cock as it grows inside his underwear. He gently grabs his hair, getting more and more turned on, all the while smiling at how amazing Ari feels against his body.

Sherman and Ari are in complete sync as they continue to fool around in bed. Ari can’t get enough of Sherman’s huge, thick cock, especially as it fills the back of his throat. Their chemistry deepens as Sherman feels he can take more of a dominant role, giving Ari permission to submit to his powerful, animal sex drive. His cock stands at full attention as he stands over Ari’s kneeling body as he repeatedly gags on his cock.

Ari’s hard work pays off when Sherman gets him back on the bed to devour his pussy, planting his soft lips and scruffy face between his thighs and flicking his dick piercing like it’s a bell. Each gesture sends a wave of pleasure through Ari’s body, causing his hips to push his wet pussy further into Sherman’s hungry mouth.

This all builds up to Ari taking Sherman’s fuck meat deep inside him, feeling each inch plunge into his pussy until Sherman’s heavy, hairy balls smack between his legs. As much as Sherman loves to give it, Ari is equally happy to receive it. Each intense thrust opens them to each other in an unexpected way as Sherman prepare to pump his seed in Ari’s hot, wet hole!