SHERMAN & ARI - Necessary Roughness


Necessary Roughness

Sherman and Ari love making out. The way their tongues dance around each other is enough to get their hearts racing and dicks hard. Sherman can’t keep his hands off of Ari’s body, especially playing around with his holes. His natural dominance makes him want to feel inside his mouth and pussy, getting a sense of what will wrap around his mammoth cock.

Ari worships Sherman’s big meat. It’s like heaven feeling it slide inside his hands, getting nice and hard for him to suck on. Sherman lays back and sees his eager boy take him in his mouth, loving every second of it. He playfully tells him what to do and watches Ari’s eyes light up to do it.

Sherman isn’t selfish, though. He’s more than happy to go down on Ari, feeling his furry legs brush against his beard as he makes out with Ari’s wet pussy. He hums into it as he licks it up, making Ari’s insides vibrate like an engine! It’s enough to make Ari beg for Sherman’s cock to get back inside him!

Sherman pounds Ari’s pussy balls deep as his partners clings to the pillows for support, feeling his insides stretch to take it all. Sherman loves seeing Ari moan, reacting to being stirred up by his huge cock. He locks eyes with Ari as he continues to hit the spot over and over, leaving Ari practically a puddle of orgasmic pleasure on the end of his rod.

Ari grips onto Sherman, riding his pole, desperate for him to go deeper, waiting for him to plunge back in with every backward thrust. Sherman can’t believe how lucky he is to have met such a hot, hungry guy, building up speed as his nuts ready themselves for another release of his thick, creamy load.