SPENCER & LUKE - Reunited & Raw


Reunited & Raw

Spencer and Luke have known each other for awhile and have become very good friends. Meeting up for their date, they talk about their first time working together on JockPussy. Spencer had never been with a trans guy before Luke and it had completely shifted his idea of what gay sex could be. Not only did he love the feeling of a hot, man’s pussy on his cock, but he really enjoyed his time with Luke as well.

They’re happy to take things a little further this time, opening up to each other and letting their natural chemistry and connection build. As soon as they start kissing, they can’t keep their hands off of each other. Spencer loves Luke’s athletic, compact body and kissing him between his soft legs. Running his tongue over Luke’s hard cock and wet pussy is a pleasure he’s thrilled to be able to experience again and again.

Luke loves watching his blonde lover work over his genitals, turned on by the excited look in his boyish eyes as well as by the physical sensations that pulse through his body. He knows Spencer is a “giver” and wants to make him happy, which helps him let go and give himself over to his touch.

Spencer watches Luke cum from his playful toying and fingering, feeling his cock swell for him. Luke can’t deny his partner the pounding he so desperately craves, spreading his warm, wet pussy for him to slide up inside. Spencer moans as he fucks him, so happy to be back connected with his friend Luke. He’s a little more experienced than the first time and even more confident, making for a hot fuck and an passionate connection as Spencer pounds out a thick hot load!