TRISTAN & ARI - Moustache Ride


Moustache Ride

Tristan loves to explore and connect on an intimate level. He’s never been stuck on gender identity, sexual orientation, or anatomy. He sees the beauty and possibility in every person he sees… And when he gets hard, he’s good to go!

Ari loves knowing that Tristan’s been with men, women, trans men, and trans women. He sees before him a handsome, modern queer man; someone who respects people for who they are, not for what they carry between their legs! Sitting in bed, they talk and laugh, locking eyes, and feeling a powerful connection that gets them both excited to go further.

Tristan’s soft, blond mustache brushes against Ari’s lips as they kiss, giving him a pleasant tickle as they get closer. Ari passionately wraps his arms around him, feeling the strong, nurturing energy of his new lover. Tristan kisses sensually down his neck as he runs his hands over Ari’s back and chest.

Ari immediately opens up to Tristan, giving him his body and affection. Tristan’s soft chest hair rubs against his nipples, exciting him and compelling him to get closer and closer.

Tristan lies back on the bed as Ari crawls between his legs, gazing at his beautiful, hard cock. His watering mouth wraps around it, sucking on it as it grows bigger between his lips. Tristan smiles, feeling himself nearing orgasm from Ari’s expert service. He locks eyes with him again, totally infatuated by the sexy boy in his bed.

Tristan pulls himself away to lift Ari up onto the bed. He spreads his legs apart to get a closer look at his beautiful pussy. He buries his face deep into it, tickling it with his mustache as he dives deep with his mouth. His tongue laps at his lower lips, tasting and kissing him as Ari moans with pleasure. The sounds vibrate his entire body, echoing on Tristan’s tongue as he worships Ari’s body.

Ari feels his body melt like butter as Tristan teases his clit with his favorite vibrator, interrupted only by the sexy man stealing lick with his tongue. Ari cums again and again as Tristan makes love to his pussy, shooting waves of pleasure out of every part of his mind, body, and soul!